Whitney Houston – Looking Back, Part 3 – Hollywood Actress, Wife, Mom & More


This is part three of a four part slideshow which takes a look at the extraordinary musical heritage of Whitney Houston (see part one for the careers of her family of predecessors Dionne Warwick, Cissy Houston, The Drinkard Singers and more). In an age of professionally shot videos and high quality films that even your Grandma could upload, this simple slideshow does not compare with any of them——————AT ALL (lol).

Created almost a decade ago on my old Windows 98 computer, all photos featured in the video were from my personal book and magazine collection as I did not have internet access at the time. Also, the video quality had to be cut in half as my old computer had very little space to accommodate high quality videos. So, with that said, the star of the show is THE MUSIC, and without question, Miss Houston’s gift is on full display.

Unlike part one, this third installment focuses more on the photos and timeline of Whitney’s career and highlights the major milestones of her life (with a couple of trivia questions thrown in for fun). For the soundtrack of the video, I did not include a comprehensive medley of hits as I’m sure most are far more familiar with Whitney’s catalog than that of her predecessors. Instead the soundtrack to the slideshow includes some great live performances, lesser known studio cuts and some fantastic re-mixes. One thing is for certain, this video clearly shows the magic that Whitney was able to generate during her early years that I “lovely” refer to as the “Classic Whitney Era”. It’s also fun to watch all of the old photos and relive the major moments of her career. While she would go on to reside in the upper echelon of music royalty and later have difficulty maintaining that status, her fans and I have loved her each and every step of the way, for as we all know, there’s only ONE Whitney.

As always, enjoy the music!

Vance K. Matthews

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