Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, The


In East L.A., con-man Gomez convinces four strangers to pool their money to buy a luminescent vanilla ice-cream-colored suit; he intends to split for El Paso, well-dressed. The first night, each gets the suit for an hour, and each is transformed: Dominguez with his guitar and voice charms women who dance in a parade through the plaza; Martinez’s shine gets his lovely neighbor’s attention; street poet Villanazul captures a crowd with his political and economic vision for the east side. The suit makes Gomez a better man, so he may not bolt; but then, what do they do with the last partner, the filthy ¡Vamanos!, whose juicy-taco-eating, wine-drinking habits could ruin the suit?

Download Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, The from here

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