YEDHAINA PANI CHESUKONDRAAA @Unq Gamer @Its Ninja @the Chief

Hey guys this your Srinivas AKA Ruthless . I am from Nellore, Completed BBA Degree , Looking to Joining MBA Soon.

Welcome to the stream . Hope you guys are Enjoying the GamePlay , And make sure to subscribe and like the stream for more content . Try to share with you friends 😊
Thanks for your support guys 🙏

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💎 Why I Scold People ?
💎Answer: Just For Fun Peace Of Mind/Reel Life Is Different From Real Life,So I Enjoy Screaming,Shouting On People in Game To Make My Audience Enjoy In All Of My Streams..Peace!!

💎i make 18+ streams for fun as i already said not to hurt anyone specifically,i want my audience to enjoy themselves in all my streams.
💎If you dont like my content please dont watch it.Stay Safe!!

-Graphics : Smooth
-Frame Rate : Extreme
-Style : colourful
-Anti-aliasing : enable
-Auto-adjust graphic : disable

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)
pubg telugu live

#pubgcomedy, #funnypubgmemes,#PMCOSEMIFINALISTSUBSCRIBE TO MY WIFE 👈🏻 👈🏻💦

#pubgcomedy, #funnypubgmemes,#PMCOSEMIFINALIST

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